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Our brand is built on honesty, connection, authenticity and beauty. Everything Pine for Cedar creates is tailor-made & personalized to each client to create a design authentically you. 

Pine for Cedar, my style is wild, romantic and botanical. I adore arrangements that grow like they would in a garden and offer a diverse variety of flowers and greens.


I developed an adoration for flowers and plants at an early age. Being a "green thumb" has become a large part of my identity. After helping arrange florals for a friends wedding I was inspired to grow my skills in this area and dreamed of one day starting my own floral design business. Fast forward two years and from attending many workshops and later completing my Floral Design Certificate at Mount Royal University I grew my experience and knowledge of the different styles and methods in floral design. 


When my husband and I were married in 2017 I decided to take on the task of creating my own floral arrangements.  The Toths Photo & Film captured our day and my florals beautifully, with many of the photos from our day showcased in my portfolio.  Doing my own wedding floral was the catalyst for launching Pine for Cedar. 

"I will pine for the oak streets and pine for the cedars and you" - Dan Mangan

The name Pine for Cedar comes from my favourite song of the artist Dan Mangan where he sings of pining for the cedars and oat streets of his home.  As I design floral for weddings, I adore how the word ‘pine’ reminds me of how we all pine for a real and passionate love. I also love greenery in my arrangements, and knew I wanted the name to reflect different types of foliage as my style will always incorporate a more botanical and wild approach. 

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